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A simple, fast-paced board game set in Greg Stafford's Glorantha, a mythic world of mortals and gods, myths and cults, monsters and heroes – and the setting for the RuneQuest tabletop roleplaying game.

Last Faction Hero is a simple, fast-paced boardgame designed to be played as a ‘filler game’. You know, you have invited your friends over to play RuneQuest or HeroQuest, and one of them is late: “I’ll be there in an hour!”.

Last Faction Hero is the perfect solution for the Gloranthan enthusiast with 45 minutes or so to spare. You are set up in no time and can then start exploring the world of Glorantha, looking for artefacts and allies to reach your goal, meanwhile defeating and eliminating all the other heroes.

This Print And Play version has all the game elements needed to play except the dice and markers (pennies or euro cent coins will work just fine).

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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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For the month of May 2020, Chaosium donated 100% of the proceeds of Last Faction Hero to the World Health Organisation's COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. Chaosium thanks everyone who bought a copy of Last Faction Hero in May to support Covid-19 Relief!—#WeAreAllUs.