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Dead Light is "a strong, lean collection that provides a lot of high-quality playtime... a definite recommendation for keepers and players across the spectrum of experience", says Never Read the Latin

This is the free 42 page handouts pack for Dead Light & Other Dark Turns, containing Keeper resources,  player handouts, and pre-gen characters. Print them and use them again and again!

Dead Light and Other Dark Turns contains two scenarios for Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition dealing with the theme of roadside adventure, along with six story seeds for the Keeper to expand and develop. 

Dead Light and Other Dark Turns

Two unsettling encounters on the road

With the rise of the automobile in the 1920s, people were no longer tied to the railways as a means of getting to distant locations. For those who could afford the relative luxury of a car, the expanding United States’ highway network brought with it the opportunity to travel and see new places, as well as visit those that the railways didn’t reach—and all at your own pace, too.

But the new road network also meant that strangers began making their way into once isolated and secluded locations. Places where they may not be welcome, and where old secrets have been hidden for generations. Who knows what lurks behind the lace curtains of the houses you drive past? What dangers lie in wait for the unwary along the out of the way highways and byways?

Dead Light & Saturnine Chalice

In the classic 'Dead Light' scenario, now revised, a chance encounter with a distressed young woman leads the investigators into the hideous aftermath of a crime gone terribly wrong. While in the brand-new 'Saturnine Chalice' scenario, seeking help from a nearby homeowner after their vehicle runs out of gas traps the investigators in a house where nothing is quite what it seems.

Both scenarios can be used as standalone adventures suitable for one to two sessions’ worth of play, or they can be slotted into an ongoing campaign as the investigators journey between locations, and come with six ready-to-play investigators. Suitable for use with either the Call of Cthulhu: Keeper Rulebook or the Call of Cthulhu Starter Set

Critical Acclaim for Dead Light & Other Dark Turns

"A strong, lean collection that provides a lot of high-quality playtime... a definite recommendation for keepers and players across the spectrum of experience." — Never Read the Latin.

"STYLE 5, SUBSTANCE 5 - 'Saturnine Chalice'… is one of the best adventures of this length ever written for Call of Cthulhu, and a new favourite to pull on unsuspecting players, especially new ones… The plot will make jaws drop. It is sinister, it is devious, it is complex, it is evil. 'Dead Light' is better than the first time, the six adventure hooks offer interesting ideas, both formulaic and exotic, and... what more does an adventure collection need to do anyway?"— Antonios S., RPGNet.

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