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A Time to Harvest - Death and Discovery in the Vermont Hills!

"A splendid 1930s campaign splicing some canonical locations with the latest and greatest of 7th edition goodness... An unexpected addition to the Chaosium canon, but a very worthwhile and rewarding one." — Paul St John MacIntosh

In 1929, a student died during an expedition in the Vermont Hills. One year later, the Miskatonic University sent another team on the same expedition…

It's time to harvest.

This is the free 160 page handouts pack for A Time to Harvest containing every player handout for the campaign and character sheets. Print them and use them again and again!

Set in the picturesque state of Vermont at the beginning of the 1930s, A Time to Harvest is a six part campaign, compatible with both Call of Cthulhu and Pulp Cthulhu rules.

Set in the picturesque state of Vermont, A Time to Harvest centers on the valley surrounding the sleeping town of Cobb's Corners. A wellspring of resources for the Keeper, the book includes a full suit of player handouts, maps, and details on the key locations preparing you for both the events of the campaign, as well as giving you plenty of information to write your own scenarios set in 1920s Vermont.

A Time To Harvest contains new rules and advice for creating student investigators. Additionally, there is information on incorporating existing characters into the campaign by bringing in your investigators that have cut their teeth in other scenarios for Call of Cthulhu.

The book includes 10 pre-generated investigators, giving new and eager players everything they need to jump right into the mystery of Cobb's Corners.

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First released as a six-scenario Organized Play series that Chaosium ran as part of its Cult of Chaos organised play program in 2016, A Time to Harvest is available now for the first time in a complete and updated hardcover tome*. Price includes PDF.

A Time to Harvest is also available in PDF at DriveThruRPG.

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CHA23176 - A Time to Harvest Player Handouts and Maps.pdf 42 MB
CHA23176 - A Time to Harvest Investigator Pack.pdf 17 MB
CHA23176 - A Time to Harvest plain text handouts.pdf 515 kB
CHA23176 - A Time to Harvest Keeper Map Pack.pdf 22 MB
CHA23176 - A Time to Harvest NPC Portraits.pdf 801 kB
CHA23176 - A Time to Harvest Keeper Reference Booklet.pdf 580 kB


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These handout packs are great, but I wish the NPC portraits for the students included the Chapter 2 portraits, not just Chapter 1. I keep the portraits taped to my keeper screen and would love to be able to change out their portraits without saying anything and let the players notice and question it on their own. Given that the portraits in the book have no names and a revealing background, I really can't use them.