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Way back in 1981 Chaosium had a wild idea. Using the skill system first seen in RuneQuest, it could be possible to run a horror story in which investigators fought against the uncaring cosmic horror of the H.P. Lovecraft's fevered imagination, just like the story The Dunwich Horror. And so the game Call of Cthulhu was released upon the world.

Call of Cthulhu Classic

This month, October 2021, we invite you to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Call of Cthulhu. Run a game in a game store, online, or even a night of changing it up with your home group. Maybe take a few hours to show players who haven't tried it yet, the fun (and insanity loss!) of a horror-based roleplaying game.

We have created a guide to running such a game in PDF form! Here you can find our 40th Anniversary Game Organization Guide with tips on:

  • Getting a game together
  • Running an online game
  • Running a game at a store or public venue
  • Convincing your home game to try something new
  • Resources for running a game for new players

We also have a handy sign up sheet that you can post online or stick on a game store's cork board to recruit players!

Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition

Explore the full range of Call of Cthulhu products at Chaosium.com. These range all the way from FREE to our special editions. 

The FREE Call of Cthulhu Quick-Start Rules guide you through the process of creating investigators, as well as an overview of the game, and contains character sheets and "The Haunting", a ready to play adventure.

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